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Answer (1 of 7): • Make free voice and video calls to all your friends around the world. • Free voice and video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection..

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BOTIM is a calling app that is built to offer the best in-app experience. Our troubleshooting technology lets you share feedback after every call and ensures that we improve your BOTIM....





Oct 11, 2022 · Botim is one of the VOIP apps that is officially authorized in the UAE. It is a great VOIP alternative for those who may not have access to conventional phone systems. It’s convenient and secure, making it ideal for VOIP conversations in the UAE..

To start the process of online POA, you must have a BOTIM account first and the application downloaded on your device whether it's a computer, tablet or a smartphone ( Applicants will make the video conference with the notary public via the BOTIM application.